Frequently asked questions

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:> some questions

:> what is LitStak?
LitStak pays you money for viewing and voting(⚡) on posts
:> how much money?
You are paid a small amount of money every time you vote, currently that's 1sat
:> what is a "sat"?
A "sat" is a small amount of Bitcoin, similar to cents and Dollars
:> is there a minimum withdrawal amount?
No, you can withdraw immediately thanks to the Lightning Network
:> can I post content?
Yes, it costs 4sats to post. Your post is voted on by users. If you win the vote, you earn 2sats and your post is entered into another round of voting
:> can I make money?
Yes, if users vote for your post, you will keep earning sats for it. You can post multiple times and as often as you like. Sharing your posts will also earn you a portion of user votes
:> should I signup?
You can browse the site anonymously but you may lose your sats and posts if your browser session is cleared. Please Signup or Withdraw your sats
:> why did you make this?
We believe Bitcoin is a better form of money and would like to see it used as a medium of exchange

Paying users to view posts seems like the easiest way to onboard newbies

Now everyone can earn and withdraw Bitcoin in minutes, it's faster than signing up to an exchange!